Accounting services


We are well aware that a foundation for successful business operation are sound finances and professional accounting support. Therefore, we want to offer our clients only the best. In addition to the basic bookkeeping and accounting services, we also offer professional consultancy in the field of tax optimisation, employment, investments, organization of business operation etc.

Regular accounting services

  • Basic bookkeeping (ledger and log of ledger's head);
  • Bookkeeping of the received documentation (received and issued invoices, bank records etc.);
  • Monitoring compliance of accounting documents with legislation and accounting standards;
  • Keeping the obligatory tax evidences;
  • Keeping analytical evidences of customers and suppliers, monitoring of assets and liabilities, records of open items, preparation of compensations;
  • Keeping evidence of fixed assets and depreciation calculation;
  • Calculation of value added tax and submission of the DDV-O form;
  • Calculation of salaries and social contributions, royalties, service contracts, interests, rents and other personal incomes, as well as reporting to tax authority and ZPIZ on these incomes;
  • Keeping of payments;
  • Preparation of claims for a refund of sickness allowances;
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining bank loans;
  • Preparation of annual account (annual report with calculation of corporate income tax or calculation of income tax from activities for sole proprietors);
  • Informing about changes in the field of accounting and taxes;
  • Monitoring and informing on business and tax result during the year;
  • Basic tax and accounting consultancy (up to 30 minutes per month).

Additional services

  • Managing the received email;
  • Preparation of interim balance sheets for external users (e.g. banks);
  • Preparation of a proposal for a comprehensive solution for your accounting;
  • Preparation of payment reminders and calculation of interests on late payment;
  • Recovery of overdue receivables;
  • Application in the VAT system;
  • Preparation of investment programs and business plans;
  • Help in human resource issues (work permits, registration and de-registration of employees, employment cancellation etc.);
  • Optimization of tax liabilities and solving difficult tax issues;
  • Other services on customer's demand.
We prepared 5 different most wanted accounting packages for you. Each package can be adapted to individual requirements and needs.
Our guidance are friendly prices and high quality of accounting services.


    Sole proprietor with normalized expenses
    without VAT calculation
    Up to 20 documents per month

    From EUR 45 per month




    Actual sole proprietor
    with VAT calculation
    Up to 2 employees
    Up to 50 documents per month

    From EUR 90 per month




    Smaller companies
    with VAT calculation
    Up to 3 employees
    Up to 70 documents per month

    From EUR 115 per month




    Medium-sized company
    with VAT calculation
    Up to 6 employees
    Up to 90 documents per month

    From EUR 170 per month




    Bigger company
    with VAT calculation
    From 7 to 10 employees
    Up to 120 documents per month

    From EUR 290 per month



**Prices exclude VAT

Upon conclusion of any package, we offer a month of free bookkeeping and free entrepreneur consultancy to new companies. 

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